ClipD v1.0 - Clipboard Transfer & Drag+Drop (FAR 2 x86/x64)

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ClipD v1.0 - Clipboard Transfer & Drag+Drop (FAR 2 x86/x64)

Post by free3dom » Thu 08 Jul, 2010 19:56

A plugin for Far Manager 2.0 Unicode providing cut/copy and paste of files/folders as well as dragging of files/folder from Far to other programs (for copy/move or open).

Updated to v1.0 - New Features

* Added support for creating links (shortcuts) from copied/dragged items.
* Added config option to clear the clipboard after pasting from a CUT operation (enabled by default).
* Altered the keyboard macros to ignore paste operation if not available.

NOTE: Dragging is only supported in Windows Vista and above, not in Windows XP.
If you need drag and drop support on 32-bit XP, use the Drag'N'drop plugin which can be found here: This can be used together with ClipD,
which will still provide the clipboard features.


From the readme file:

"ClipD is a plugin that provides file/folder transfers using the windows clipboard, as well
as dragging selected items with the mouse from Far into other applications.

The clipboard transfers are implemented in the same way as Windows Explorer. You can cut/copy
the currently selected items from Far, and paste them into explorer (or any other application
which supports standard windows clipboard transfers). You can also cut/copy items from explorer
(or any other app) and paste them into the current panel's directory in Far. In addition, the
plugin will also copy a list of the selected items as text so that the list can be copied to
any text editor (including the internal Far Editor).

Mouse dragging allows the user to transfer the selected items to any application that supports
dropping of files (the ClipD plugin does NOT provide dropping onto the Far window however).
For example, the selected items in Far can be copied or moved by simply clicking a mouse button
(left or right), dragging to a desired destination folder in a Windows Explorer window, and
releasing the mouse button. ClipD implements the exact same drag and drop behaviour as Windows
Explorer. Dragging can also be used to open multiple files in any application that supports
standard drag and drop for that purpose (ex. Photoshop, Word, etc).

The plugin is highly customizable, but uses standard windows transfer dialogs instead of
native Far manager dialogs for large transfers. This is by design since drag and drop is an
inherently "Windows" feature.

In order to preserve Far's own mouse actions, the plugin provides a means for the user to
specify certain keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) that must be pressed and certain "lock" lights
(Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock) that must be on before any dragging will occur. There
are also separate configurations for the left and right mouse buttons; meaning that for
left drag the user can require CTRL, and for right drag SHIFT+ALT (or any combination).

Dragging support can also be disabled completely if the user does not want to use it, in
which case only the Cut/Copy and Paste options will remain."

Check the included readme.txt file for more information.

ClipD v0.9 for Far 2.0 (x86/x64)
(87.53 KiB) Downloaded 382 times
ClipD v1.0 for Far 2.0 (x86/x64)
(89.53 KiB) Downloaded 652 times

This is untested on Vista (I don't currently have any Vista systems availbale), but it should work the
same as on Windows 7. Could any Vista users please confirm this.
Also, please post any problems and I will try to fix them ASAP.

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