Unrecognized keyword '$IClip'

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Unrecognized keyword '$IClip'

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I recently moved from Far 2 build 1420 to current stable, i.e. build 1661. I have a macro with $IClip, to switch usage of standard Windows clipboard to internal clipboard, but running new Far version gives the messagebox with following error:

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═══════════════ Error parsing macro [macro name] ═══════════════
Line 1, Pos 1:
Unrecognized keyword '$IClip'
"$IClip [rest of the macro]"
This is informative thread for others having the same problem:
$IClip has been replaced with: clip(5,0) / clip(5) in build 1621. Clip function was already enhanced in build 1455.

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Clip(5,V) returns which clipboard was previously in use: 1 - Windows, 2 - internal.
V = -1 - does nothing <=> replaces IClip
V =  0 - changes currently used clipboard <=> replaces $IClip
V =  1 - sets Windows clipboard
V =  2 - sets internal clipboard
There were some other deletions in macro subsystem (e.g. $Date, $MMode, ...). Ctrl+F in changelog and google translate can help you.
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Re: Unrecognized keyword '$IClip'

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Actually there are more changes. See changelog_eng:
svs 16.07.2010 10:03:22 +0300 - build 1621 wrote:

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   * $Date command is removed
       replace it with print(Date(blablabla_or_nothing))
   * $MMode command is removed
       replace it with mmode(1,2)
   * IClip state is removed
       replace it with clip(5,-1) (notice that clip() returns 1 or 2)
   * $IClip command is removed
       replace it with clip(5,0) or just clip(5)

   * DisableOutput state is removed (not the macro flag!)
       replace it with mmode(1,-1) function call
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